Redshift EP

by Jordan Trove



Trove coming at you with "Redshift" a distant track that will move you away from yourself, like a planet pushed away by the force of expansion.

The first cut is the more club oriented Original Mix, which contains the "classic" sound of Trove's production, mixed with a thumping bass that will have dancers tied round the DJ's fingers.

The second cut is more for the listeners - it has a beautiful, slow paced chord progression that will speak to you on a level that only music can - and when that drop kicks in, the hairs on the back of your neck WILL stand up!

*Redshift is a phenomenon that comes from objects moving away from you at a fast rate, and so their light is distribute such that it does not all reach your eyes - only the Red light does. As a result, objects moving away faster than light can travel are Redshifted.


released November 29, 2015




Another World Records Lincoln, UK

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